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School Visit Information

I love school visits, but 2017 is very busy, so I’m scaling back booking. Until I know the fall release date of Diabolic II, I can’t commit to anything October-December as of yet. Thank you for your understanding!

General Information

I can speak to groups of variable sizes, and a maximum of four groups in a day. For an idea of the general format I use by default (unless educators have something else in mind), here is how it goes:

  1. Students see Insignia or The Diabolic’s book trailers
  2. I read the first scene of Insignia or The Diabolic, depending upon the age of the students
  3. A talk about my own road to publication and the way my life lessons learned might aid students in reaching their own goals in the future. I am very adept with this by now, and can vary for time depending upon the responsiveness of the students/their eagerness to ask questions. (For more information: this is a motivational talk of sorts. I touch upon the origins of this subject in this article on Mackin if you are interested: On Fear and School Visits by SJ Kincaid)
  4. Q&A Session
  5. Signing and/or photos at the discretion of the educator

I do Skype or other virtual visits with book clubs, classes, and librarian-led groups for up to 45 minutes. Students must have read one of my books, and it’s ideal if they’ve prepared questions in advance. Currently, I charge $30 a session.

In the past, I’ve considered many factors with regards to school visits such as

  1. The financial situation of the school and/or district
  2. Whether multiple schools in the geographic proximity are involved, or whether it is a single school
  3. The involvement of independent bookstores

For local schools within two hours’ drive of the San Francisco Bay Area, the going rate is $500/day.

For non-local schools, the fee is $750/day + travel + lodging. Multiple schools will be accorded the local school rate, and I am flexible when it comes to schools in particular financial situations.

Please contact me at for more information.

“Insignia” Study Questions

Suggested INSIGNIA Study Questions

1) Do you think the futuristic society of Insignia is possible? What aspects of the world are similar to the world now? If you could choose one part of this future to exist today, what would it be? How do you think that would affect our society?

2) Do you think Tom made the right choice when he chose to have his neural processor implanted? Why? Would you make the same decision? How do you think a neural processor would affect your life?

3) Why did the warring nations decide to have World War Three in outer space? What consequences would there be if this war had happened on Earth? Do you think that a war of this magnitude is possible today? Could it be possible in the future?

4) If World War Three happened on Earth, do you think humans would survive? What would you need to live through it?

5) Do you think the companies sponsoring the candidates are doing what is best for the teens? How do you know this? Do you think Tom made the right choice to reject Dominion Agra as a sponsor? Would you make the same decision?

6) Do you find the census device ethical? Would you want a machine that could read a person’s memories to exist in society today? How would you choose to use the device? Would you be ok with the device being used on you?

7) Heather, Wyatt, and Medusa all affect Tom’s life, but do you believe that any of them actually care about him? What clues lead you to this decision? If you were Tom, which of these three girls would you trust the most? Why?

8) Despite the peer pressure from his friends, why doesn’t Tom ask Medusa to lose for him? If you were in a similar situation, would you have asked? Why or why not?

Tips for Writers

Tips for Writers

S.J. Kincaid, author of the Insignia trilogy, talks about some useful tips for (aspiring) writers.

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