THE DIABOLIC is now in stores!

THE DIABOLIC is officially in stores!


Not only is the book out, but there is an absolutely amazing audiobook. Listen to an excerpt below:

 It may be purchased at the following links:





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  1. Hello S.J Kincaid I recently read your Insignia trilogy, I loved it so much.
    I was wondering if you could write another one. I love your books.
    Thank you -Sean Barkasy

  2. Dear ms/mrs. Kincaid I just finished the insignia series five minutes ago. The reason I am writing this is beacause I NEED more!! Please. I also love writing and I write short stories and I just need to know what happens to Tom.

    Yours truly, Samantha

  3. Hace poco termine de leer catalyst y me ha parecido increíble y maravilloso, es realmente fascinante y quisiera un poco mas de ello.
    Muchas gracias por escribir algo tan genial, me ha encantado, tanto que volveré a releer la serie entera.

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