On Desks and Writing Binges

I’m in the middle of revisions right now. A lot of authors have different ways of approaching writing. I tend to do mine in very big chunks, and then my brain remains fried for several days/weeks/months afterward. It gives me a very pleasing sense I’ve really exerted myself (while sitting in a chair being physically inactive for days on end).

A couple days ago, I was on a roll and decided to just write on through the whole night. Stock for writing binge night shown below:

However, writing binges necessitate more than just Coffee and Lo-Carb Monster. They demand two things I apparently do not have: 1) decent desk chair, 2) decent desk.

First thing I’m doing when these revisions are off? Buying a freaking desk! IKEA table that rocks back and forth with every keystroke is simply not writing-friendly at all.

Additionally, MS Word that randomly freezes up? Not cool either. And Lexmark printer that runs low on ink, and instead of lightening text, prints out some text dark, and leaves out other text (for 150 pages in a row, thus wasting lots of paper)? Also very, very uncool.

Other than that, writing binge went well. Yay, revisions! Now to hunt for 12k to cut out of this story.

  1. Ugh, 12K?

    I am a writing binger, too. My poor kids. Thankfully I don’t churn out books very quickly or they would be neglected little people for sure. 🙂

    I’m glad you’re happy after your binge. I can’t wait to read the thing. Happy chain-sawing the 12k!


  2. Thanks, you guys! 12k didn’t end up getting sawed off completely, but I got about 2k of it.

    Yes, writing in bed is probably not so conducive to productivity– but sleep is conducive to life being awesome, so really, either way it goes, you come away better off.

  3. Ah yes, binge writing. Sure, it’s all fun and games now… just wait until you hit your 30s and start developing tennis elbow. It’s an undignified distinction, having incurred a chronic injury while sitting nearly motionless in a chair.

    In other words, don’t skimp on the chair – ergonomic all the way!

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