Preparing to Drive to New Lengths

So I’m almost thirty and somehow I’ve never driven across a couple states all by myself. My daring plans to leave Tuesday on my eight hour drive were thwarted by a blizzard, so tomorrow, I make another attempt.

Prepared in my car are 1) belongings covered in tarp (I seriously hope that deters thieves the single night it is sitting in the garage– but then I also wonder, will seeing my tarp entice them? Kind of like the wrapping of a present or something?)

2) GPS and an atlas (because what if the GPS mysteriously explodes?)

And the usual 3) music, 4) caffeine pills, 5) arsenal of weapons against carjackers (
Just in case I never reach my destination, I want to make some things clear:

1) Shatner’s Kirk is way better than Pine’s Kirk, though I have to admit the two Spocks are about even for me. I just really appreciated Spocklar. Guy did a great job channeling Nimoy.