School Visit Information

I love school visits, but 2017 is very busy, so I’m scaling back booking. Until I know the fall release date of Diabolic II, I can’t commit to anything October-December as of yet. Thank you for your understanding!

General Information

I can speak to groups of variable sizes, and a maximum of four groups in a day. For an idea of the general format I use by default (unless educators have something else in mind), here is how it goes:

  1. Students see Insignia or The Diabolic’s book trailers
  2. I read the first scene of Insignia or The Diabolic, depending upon the age of the students
  3. A talk about my own road to publication and the way my life lessons learned might aid students in reaching their own goals in the future. I am very adept with this by now, and can vary for time depending upon the responsiveness of the students/their eagerness to ask questions. (For more information: this is a motivational talk of sorts. I touch upon the origins of this subject in this article on Mackin if you are interested: On Fear and School Visits by SJ Kincaid)
  4. Q&A Session
  5. Signing and/or photos at the discretion of the educator

I do Skype or other virtual visits with book clubs, classes, and librarian-led groups for up to 45 minutes. Students must have read one of my books, and it’s ideal if they’ve prepared questions in advance. Currently, I charge $30 a session.

In the past, I’ve considered many factors with regards to school visits such as

  1. The financial situation of the school and/or district
  2. Whether multiple schools in the geographic proximity are involved, or whether it is a single school
  3. The involvement of independent bookstores

For local schools within two hours’ drive of the San Francisco Bay Area, the going rate is $500/day.

For non-local schools, the fee is $750/day + travel + lodging. Multiple schools will be accorded the local school rate, and I am flexible when it comes to schools in particular financial situations.

Please contact me at for more information.
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