Q: Who is your agent?

A: Holly Root at the Waxman Leavell Literary Agency. Film rights: Dana Spector at Paradigm.

Q: Is THE DIABOLIC a stand-alone or a series? Will there be more INSIGNIA books?

A: As of now, THE DIABOLIC is a stand-alone, and the INSIGNIA series concluded with CATALYST. I never rule anything out, though.

Q: When is THE DIABOLIC coming out?

A: THE DIABOLIC comes out on November 1, 2016!

Q: Will there be an INSIGNIA and/or THE DIABOLIC movie?

A: Not as of now, but you never know!

Q: Are you available for author visits?

A: Yes, for a negotiable fee. I also do free Skype visits. Please contact me for further discussion.

Q: When do your books come out in my (non USA) country?

A: THE DIABOLIC info to come. Regarding INSIGNIA: In Poland: check with the publisher, Egmont Polska. In Turkey: check with the publisher, Elf Yayinlari. In China: check with the publisher, Goukr.

Q: I am a blogger, bookseller or event coordinator. Who do I contact regarding your books?

A: Thanks for your interest! Please contact Audrey Gibbons, my publicist at Simon & Schuster Children’s, by e-mail.

Q: Why are you so slow to answer e-mail?

A: I have no real explanation. I’m perpetually behind. If you want to get into contact, it’s way faster to tweet me @sjkincaidbooks

Q: Who Designed Your Book Cover?

A: THE DIABOLIC cover was designed by the talented Lizzy Bromley. The INSIGNIA cover by Sammy Yuen.

Q: Is there a playlist for the series?

A: There’s a playlist for INSIGNIA here, and a playlist for VORTEX here.

Q: Was Insignia your first novel?

A: No! Very far from it. 🙂 Insignia was, in fact, the seventh novel I’d ever written– the first one published! You can read more about that here, My Writerly Journey, or here: Writerly Advice I’d Give My Younger Self.

Q: I want to be a writer. Can you point me to some resources?

A: Sure! Look online for the AbsoluteWrite forums for general author resources, the VerlaKay SCBWI forums if you write kidlit specifically. Check out PublishersMarketplace, AgentQuery, and QueryTracker if you’re ready to send a manuscript to literary agents.

Q: I want to be a writer. Can you read my writing/my manuscript?

A: I can’t because of complex legal issues, but I advise you to search for a beta reader on the AbsoluteWrite forums, the VerlaKay SCBWI forums, or any number of other online forums. Good luck!

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